Early years

I was born in a picturesque tiny village in Kottayam district of Kerala, richly endowed by nature and equally close to harsh realities of life. I could achieve only a minimal of formal education, thanks to my pressing situations I escaped being conditioned in any particular manner which has helped me lead a life free from complexities and preconceived notions. However my present day view is that the right blend of quality education with openness in welcoming life experiences with clarity of vision is the ultimate of getting or known to be Ďeducatedí.

Struggles throughout

Change and uncertainty were the most certain things in the early days of my life, under such circumstances life learning and self-discovery became inevitable for survival. Being ambitious and detested by society on account of poverty. I kept pushing myself forward towards gaining material success unfailingly thinking that it would resolve my hardships and offer upward mobility. A thought which I canít but remember with a tinge of shame , as I understand, today that wealth has nothing to do with a personís stature or standing. However I must admit that my core strength, rose from those long periods of insecurity, poverty and struggle which have helped me keep a balance with any present day challenges.

My life has progressively been deeply felt experiences in every manner, right from experiencing agonizing pain to extreme joy. Through it all Iíve been moved, pushed of my comfort zone to learn, grow and expand beyond the limitations set by conventional intellect and explore the enormous inner strength and lifeís possibilities. I feel blessed to have been nurtured by few noble souls and to have had the company of some great friends and co-workers at different phases, who have stood by me during thick and thin. I thankfully remember all those who have loved me when I didnít deserve it, they will always remain dear to me.


My family breaks apart the conventional notion of family as a place where individuals with only blood relationship stay together. As someone who believes in the beauty of joint family and its value based living, I derive immense warmth and strength from the environment. To me, a person who is good to his family can only be good to the society and a person who is a hero to his wife and kids can only be a hero to the society. Two strong women who have made profound impact on my life are my beloved Mother , whose endless sacrifices, struggles have deep ridden me in debt of gratitude. Her trust in me during the most hopeless times have helped me fight all odds to achieve what I am now. The other being my Wife Jyothisha, who have been part of my early struggles and has constantly been a source of support, who has a calming impact by helping me concentrate on my work without worrying about running the family Our marriage though with contrasting religion and social beliefs, though challenging, have proved to be happy and successful. I was always open to goodness of world religions a belief, further strengthened by my personal experience and has provided a secular atmosphere at home itself. Being an inter religious couple, we are a living testimony of communal integration.

Born out an amalgam of belief and cultures, our children share a broad outlook regarding life. Though being provided with the best of education, they are being brought up with strong connect with the roots and firmly grounded to realities and hard facts of life, so as to develop into humane being who care for fellow beigns.

My pen picture

As a life student, undergoing changes at every moment of my life and being in the unabated process of learning and de learning, describing myself is never easy for me, so please excuse the limitations of my best efforts.

I am a dreamer, learner and doer, who enjoy traversing the less travelled path in search of newer unconventional ideas In the event having tasted fair bit of successes and failures which has shaped the individual I am today. A citizen of the world I believe in pursuing social capitalism, I live the philosophy of making life a big celebration by making others part of my celebration , all while ensuring that my happiness as far possible doesnít encroach others right to celebrate.

I nurture a strong desire to do my bit for the world, which to me is an extended family, fully aware that it would be no match to the priceless contributions and sacrifices made by many a greats of the business world, technocrats, visionaries, philanthropists and ideologues and miniscule considering the magnanimity of the world and the precious resources squandered by me ignoring mother earth and the future of coming generations.

Having risen to the truth that my knowledge and resources are limited and insufficient for this great journey, made me shed inhibitions and ego to associate with people both likeminded and divergent to draw in abundance, un-utilized, dormant, ill channelized knowledge and potential to produce winning combination that made possible my journey so far as a policy consultant, sustainable living space developer , Social worker , health care promoter organic farm developer, overseas education mentor.

Journey ahead

The most exciting part of my life. I believe is now. I am fascinated by the new possibilities that life throws at me. I feel blessed when I come across problems which I consider as stepping stones to even better refinement and growth The journey however insignificant I have accomplished so far, gives me courage and reinforces my belief that as history has it, it is the sheer quality of minds especially divergent minds that look beyond readymade answers and venture out of their comfort zones has brought revolutionary changes in the world, unlike those who toe the line of established knowledge systems that puts effects over causes, results over reasons and answers over questions , chart their own course to make history. This segment however small their constitution may be , still exists and I am sure will be part of my journey, at different junctions of life towards making a better world, one which is more .Enriching, harmonious, compassionate , accommodating and complete. Joining hands in the journey? Please do write to me at