About Me

Thus, I reached the Himalayas in search of Bliss Eternal.

Although I had an interest in Nature, philosophy and yoga from a young age, I tried my luck by starting a business venture as the situation forced me to fulfill my duties as a son, brother, husband and father and to make myself and my family financially secure. Over two decades, till the age of 55, I played various roles in the arena of life as a businessman in the field of career guidance, head of a very happy family and a social activist. After that I started this spiritual investigatory journey with the tacit consent of my beloved life partner and business partners, relatives and colleagues who knew of my basic inner quest.

I want to experiment in-depth to experience my soul-consciousness and attain the bliss of timeless Reality by being one with the Supreme Soul - my ultimate goal. My Gurus taught me that one should go through the steps of mindfulness, wisdom and conviction for this fulfilment. I reached the foothills of the Himalayas on the 4th April 2021 with the firm belief that life in the Himalayas would be very conducive to attain my goal. By the grace of the Almighty here I am getting increasingly convinced that my calculations are accurate and my inbuilt nature is in line with the divine aura of the Himalayas.

I am trying to live a simple life by utilizing only the basic facilities, without relying on external resources, in quest of the Ultimate, meditating and activating the subtle glandular and nervous equipment by practicing certain methods to realize the soul-pleasure of evolving to higher dimensions of existence. The following are some of the ‘goal setting shareware for seekers, including me, who are in quest of self-realization.

As a student, I continue my inner quest with the blessings of noble - teachers, fathers and, above all of the Almighty; to know, experience and enjoy Nature, the Universe and the Soul... eagerly concentrating in this inner research, to get fully informed.

I shall share my experiences more when the Self permits.

Prayers and Best Wishes.