India Africa Centre

The India Africa Centre is a non-profit, non-partisan, multi-disciplinary institution that acts as a gateway for engagement with today's Africa, in social, political, cultural and economic spheres, to provide sustainable quality of life in Africa and beyond. The India Africa Centre, will operate nationally and globally to transform our understanding of African continent and promote partnership, collaboration, dialogue and understanding between political leaders, policy makers, international agencies, social reformers, academicians, artists, business leaders, civil society and their counterparts in India and beyond. The centre intends to convene focused exchanges and result-oriented policy research, undertake outreach programs and advocate the cause of Africa on all possible platforms, by forming a chain of likeminded individuals, institutions, who believe and stand for the African cause.

Indian Cancer Care Mission

The ICCM is a charitable trust, formed by several socially and culturally committed eminent personalities in Kerala, backed up by a group of social activists, who are convinced about the demanding need of a voluntary body for dealing with the hardships faced by cancer patients and their dependants. Focus area of action is the enlightenment of the masses about the disease and aiding the affected individuals, with genuine and supportive information and monetary aid in collaboration with the Government, NGOs and individual donors.

Amrithagiri Eco Life

Amrithagiri Eco Village aims at promoting Eco Living, Eco Tourism, Health Tourism, Organic Farming and related areas, supported by Chempazha Foundation, realized through the vision of Shri. Denny Thomas Chempazha and backed up by an ardent group of nature-lovers from various spheres of life. After having etched significant milestones in the sectors of overseas education, social work, living space developing, and many a times regarded by the community at various occasions as a successful visionary, entrepreneur, international education mentor, orator, philanthropist, Shri. Denny Thomas Chempazha launches himself into this promising and purposeful project that is the need of the hour. He hails from the state of Kerala but has ever risen high to universal citizenship through his devoted life and actions and always stood in the forefront with his commitment to social welfare policies.

Chempazha Foundation

Chempazha Foundation is a charitable organization formed for and based on initiating promotions in the field of Health Care, Cultural and Social Activities. Many likeminded and committed philanthropists in Kerala and abroad join hands here, who have always felt the lack and imminent need of support and right action to favor the deserving poor strata of the society. Several charity activities and creative synthesis for any possible good social cause takes root under the foundation that spearheads many such activities. The ICCM, UMA and AMRITHAGIRI are established and run with the guidance of Chempazha Foundation, under my leadership and vision supported by many noble hearts.

Satkarma Foundation

Satkarma is a non-profit, non-partisan, multi-disciplinary institution that act as a gateway for engagement in social, political, cultural and economic spheres in realizing the dream of a Great India "Shresth Bharath" which is resurgent, and self reliant in all around spheres that look beyond parochial divisions and work towards common good of all its citizens and the entire mankind. The foundation intends to work in close co-operation with like-minded individuals, organizations and governments of the day, in realizing this dream by alleviating poverty; promoting equality and working towards an ideal society free from discrimination based on caste, creed and gender. The foundation intends to promote literacy, increase nutritional levels among children and the deprived, reduce disease, promote reforestation, and reduce pollution and impact of climate change with the intention of providing a sustainable quality of life to all.