Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can.

Danny Kane

Life itself is a very important realization that has motivated me. It has been my attempt to live every moment of life to its fullest and making my presence meaningful and supportive to all those connected making the world, a more prosperous, healthy, joyous and peaceful place for tomorrow still remains my key focal point and would always remain so. I take invaluable lessons from the mistakes made and the prices I paid. Life is a gift, which only an individual with healthy body and mind can enjoy fully. Adopting a healthy living pattern that includes consuming organic food, exercising regularly and most importantly living a life in harmony with your fellow beings and nature will ensure a completely balanced mind and body in our hazardous life on the present day plan.


A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

David Brinkley

For me success is the outcome of finding opportunities in places where others find threats. Success is the result of actions backed by definite plans, further strengthened by persistence, perseverance and patience. Money that comes with success is just a useful by-product and in no way should be the only benchmark to assess how successful one is. We are not the sole architect of our success, Our success depends on lot of others around, who are connected to us in various ways, hence the success we drive should make us more responsible and humble to acknowledge and respect them for their contribution.


Truths physical have an origin as divine as truths religious.

David Brewster

To me spirituality is no different to life, it is closely intertwined in everything I do. I find no contradiction in being spiritual and being an entrepreneur. Spirituality and rationality are twin gifts of the tree of knowledge. As the planets most superior rational creatures, let us use our rational power to extend the limits of knowledge ever further, to scale the heights to search for truth, respecting and accommodating even conflicting points of views. Though there are lot of unanswered questions that continue to disturb us , continue the search with the help of strong scientific tools one posses, maintaining objectivity. But at the same restrain from out rightly rejecting all that one canít explain or experience to be untrue.


We rise by lifting others.

Robert Ingersoll

For any entrepreneur, profit is the driving force but not the sole purpose. Each of us should be a vehicle to help build a better world. No individual can solve the world's needs, but perhaps we could do something. We can help create jobs and wealth that makes good medical care possible and also work for the Welfare of deprived street children, the sick, orphans, destitute women, poor, old age people, Tribal's and a large segment of our community who are shunted from the main stream For me philanthropy has a wider dimension, it is not about making parasites out of people. I believe in empowerment in all possible manners, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".


The earth has music for those who listen.

George Santayana

Realizing the true reality of our existence in nature will detach us of our immersing in much of material pleasures and pain. Nature has offered us all in surplus. Be thankful to Mother Nature for every season of the year that brings new life, new inspiration to us. Earth is our home and itís time for us to appreciate, love, and respect our home and remember we have hurt her in all possible ways. Let us start with small steps. Earth cannot speak for itself. But, that is not true. The myriad forms of natural disasters, epidemics, climate change are indications that the Earth is speaking loud and clear, Let us act before it is too late and leave a cleaner, greener earth for our coming generations.

Society and Country

Mountains culminate in plains. And nations in men.

Jose Marti

I perceive a society and country where individuals from all religions, caste, region, and political ideology play a pivotal role in nation building, working shoulder to shoulder fighting the evil of corruption, communalism, superstitions, gender bias and work for the protection of our sacred motherland. Here religious, community leaders, ideologies, political leaderís social workers, can play a key role in building healthy discourses and interreligious dialogues, strengthening the secular fabric of the country and make India the soft power of the world. A country, the world will look up for moral guidance and vision. Though this seems like an idealist dream, which many of the visionary leaders have dreamt of, I am sure that with concerted effort and a forward vision of all, this dream will materialize one day. My humble endevour satkarma is a step in this direction for positive action in the society, a taking all along towards strengthening the society and country.