" Everything is Right in the End, if it's not Right then it's not the End "


Mr. Denny Thomas Chemapzha is more often titled as an entrepreneur, strategist, technocrat, philanthropist, investment facilitator, international education mentor, policy consultant and what not?, widely acclaimed for his technological, managerial and leadership skills. Mr. Denny has rich experience in managing complex global business environment across verticals with core competency in overseas education mentoring and skill development. He is known for transforming exciting ideas into successful and profitable ventures with strong leverage in facilitating economic engagement, strategic cooperation and knowledge partnering between individuals, corporate and agencies in various parts of the world, working in line with policy experts, Non-governmental organizations and governments of the day which apart from empowering, enabling and catalyzing investment opportunities also contribute to economic growth of the country, thereby generating excellent job opportunities’ for our qualified and talented youth.


SM English language centers to be opened in different parts of the states. The language centers will have state of the arts infrastructure with language labs which are being set up in collaboration with leading English language test providers.


Mr Denny Thomas chempazha’s article, appeared in the Magazine, The week. The article was titled as India demands more doctors, which delved in to the huge shortage of doctors in India and way to solve this.